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Torso goes to Turbina clubroom (Part 1)
Play date: 2024. February 10th.
Switch Nollie @ Dome, Ozora 2023
Play date: 2023. December 2nd.
szeptember dump
Play date: 2023. September 30th.
Live from Turbina Kisterem
Play date: 2023. April 1st.
Play date: 2023. February 11th.
Play date: 2022. December 3rd.
Saturday Morning @ Csűr, Kolorádó
Play date: 2022. October 22nd.
Play date: 2022. August 13th.
Torso a Kriptában - Prince Matt
Play date: 2021. November 6th.
Torso a Kriptában - quasi quasi
Play date: 2021. October 30th.
Live From Studio: Békemenet after
Play date: 2021. October 23rd.
Torso a Kriptában - Switch Nollie
Play date: 2021. October 9th.
SSS: Gena General
Play date: 2021. October 2nd.
Torso a Kriptában - DJ Tűz
Play date: 2021. September 25th.
SSS: Pizza Amore
Play date: 2021. August 21st.
DJ Suhaid
Play date: 2021. July 10th.
Play date: 2021. May 8th.
S Olbricht
Play date: 2021. February 27th.
Formant Value
Play date: 2021. January 16th.
Live from Rumbi: How to wake DJ Kard up
Play date: 2021. January 9th.
Play date: 2020. December 12th.
Dasha Mamba
Play date: 2020. November 14th.
Audio Classification Course 901
Play date: 2020. October 24th.
Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #3
Play date: 2020. August 22nd.
Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #2
Play date: 2020. August 15th.
Full Legál Lájtos Torso at Lärm #1
Play date: 2020. August 8th.
Trianon100 Special Edition
Play date: 2020. June 6th.
Play date: 2020. May 9th.
Credit 00
Play date: 2020. March 28th.
Galactic Jackson
Play date: 2020. January 11th.
DJ Normal 4
Play date: 2019. December 21st.
DJ Crimson
Play date: 2019. December 7th.