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Vol. 65 Sonatas for clavichord (1704-1742)
Play date: 2022. January 31st.
Vol. 62 Russian Orthodox Church Songs II.
Play date: 2021. December 6th.
Vol. 61 Russian Orthodox Church Songs I.
Play date: 2021. November 29th.
Traditional music genres of India
Play date: 2021. November 8th.
Traditional music around the East China Sea
Play date: 2021. October 11th.
The oldest notated musical compositions
Play date: 2021. September 27th.
A kedvenc szar számaink
Play date: 2021. September 13th.
Az exem kedvenc száma
Play date: 2021. August 30th.
A kedvenc 2021-ben kijött számaink
Play date: 2021. August 16th.
Számok amikben kurva jó a basszus
Play date: 2021. May 31st.
Rovar17 kedvenc akusztikus számai
Play date: 2021. May 17th.
Vol. 53.: Bahama Káosz ősi zenéi
Play date: 2021. May 10th.
Vadász S. Tamás kedvenc szláv dalai
Play date: 2021. April 26th.
Vol. 50.: Gáspár Kornél - Kordamánia
Play date: 2021. April 19th.
Vol. 44.: Retek Klub Allstars
Play date: 2021. March 8th.
TELEϟPORT aka. Prell kedvenc gyerekzenéi
Play date: 2020. November 16th.
Play date: 2020. November 2nd.
A Noise n Roses kedvenc halk számai
Play date: 2020. October 26th.
Gördön kedvenc narcocorrido-i
Play date: 2020. October 12th.
Vol. 20.: Sebő kedvenc lassú számai
Play date: 2020. September 28th.